Out-Of-The-Box Display for Cale.es


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Works with cale.es out of the box

This smart display is simple to configure with for cale.es. Just paste the URL you get from cale.es into the Android or iOS app. For more detailed instructions, click here .

Plug and play your own designs

Cale.es is a mashup creator for e-paper screens that allows you to create your own layouts and content. If you need more freedom, you can also develop your own design and serve it as a .bmp image file. You can then paste your own url into the mobile app, and the smart screen will render it.

If you just need a calendar ...

If you're not quite ready yet to play with cale.es or build your own smart screen application, you use the screen with the powerful built-in calendar. It sycns with google calendar and helps you keep track of what's coming up next.